Roberta Gordon

Re: Tom Brown Reference

To whom it may concern


To assist Tom with various enterprises he has planned over the next few years, and to help overcome the perception that a person of 71 years of age does not necessarily mean that they are physically incapable of performing up to the level of a much younger person.

In my experience Tom Brown has the physical abilities of a much younger man.  In 2009 I personally accompanied him on a 17,800 km bicycle ride around Australia, an event organised by Australian Rotary Health in aid of mental health research and awareness. Details of the ride can be still viewed online at  The ride was very demanding  covering up to 170km per day and four to six hours in the saddle for six and a half months and camping much of the time.

During the ride Tom had very few days when he was not performing at a very high level, covering the distance for the day at averages of between 25 to 38 km per hour.   For most of the ride Tom was invariably in the lead group of riders showing very little signs of fatigue at the end of each day.

During the time I have known Tom I have become aware that he has led a very adventurous life. He is a highly qualified sailor, undertaken advanced survival courses, paddled canoes up the Amazon, trekked many places around the world  and now ridden a bicycle around Australia, and still looking for more!

I have been a primary school teacher for 30 years, am a current a lifesaver at Noosa Heads and was an elite triathlete for 15 years winning at state and national levels. I have represented Australia twice at a World level placing second in the World Masters Games 2002 in Geelong.

I am well qualified to comment on Tom’s physical abilities as I have witnessed at first hand his amazing endurance both on the bike where he matched me, a seasoned cyclist and on the many long walks on our odd days off. Tom’s stamina, concentration, preparation, attention to detail and ongoing passionate care of his health and diet was impressive and I would not hesitate to join him on future planned trips.

If necessary to verify this statement I can be personally contacted.

Yours faithfully,

Roberta A Gordon
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